Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top GPT Sites

I have been paid by all three of these sites, and better yet, I have not spent a penny. A GPT (Get Paid To) site is a website where a person can make money by completing offers, signing up for websites, taking surveys, participating in free trials, and viewing advertisements.

Here are my top 3

– This is my favorite GPT site on the internet. They have more offers than anyone. You can also make money by signing up for free trials, clicking on advertisements, taking daily surveys, cash back shopping, and much more. You can earn lots of free cash by participating in the daily contests that SquishyCash offers. Join SquishyCash today by clicking on the banner below which is displaying my current statistics.

TreasureTrooper – I used to be on here more until I found SquishyCash. They have fewer offers than Squishy, and do not offer advertisements to click on for free cash, but they do have many offers, free product trials, and paid surveys. A cool adventure theme is interwoven into the website to make it especially exciting. Click the banner below to join!

InboxDollars – Inbox Dollars has the same types of things as SquishyCash and TreasureTrooper, but also offers something slightly different, that I really enjoy. They have a very extensive group of paid emails that are sent straight to you email inbox. You click on the email and an advertisement pops up and you instantly have 2 cents added to your account. A few emails a day from them quickly adds up and soon you are reaching the $30 minimum payout. Click the banner below to get started today!

Monday, July 28, 2008

SquishyCash update

I have made over $1000 dollars with them, won an iPod Touch worth $299 and have won hundreds of free cash through contests. If you want to make money just click on the link below. This site is amazing.

Monday, March 31, 2008

SquishyCash --- Currently

At this present moment I have made $126.12 during the month of March. I had been storing up offers since January in order to accumulate them to try and win a contest. I am in a good place right now because it is March 31st, the last day of March and the last day of the March completion contest. What is the prize of the month-long completion contest you may ask. Well I will tell you. It is a brand new 8 GB iPod Touch. It will be delivered to the winner at the end of the contest from the Apple Online Store. I will save you the time of looking up the price and tell you that it costs $299. Yes, that's correct. You heard me right. I am currently in first place for the contest with 196 offers completed and have less than 24 hours before the winner is announced. Wish me luck!

Total made on SquishyCash since July 2007 (as of March 31, 2008) = $755.09

Saturday, March 29, 2008

How did I make all that money on SquishyCash?

How did I make all the money that I do:

Complete in bulk: A lot of the money I make on the website is free because I concentrate when I do the offers (view advertisements, sign up for websites, complete 3 minute surveys) on the website. I complete them as quickly and in as little time as possible after accumulating a lot of offers. In this way I have won many contests (for $50, $25, $10) for completing the most offers in a certain time period. I also have won a lot of free cash for completing specific number of offers during special offer promotions. For example an offer promotion might be complete 5 offers and receive $1 free. So if I complete 20 offers during the promotion I make and extra $4 than if I had not completed them during the promotion.

Complete trials worth more $$$$: Some of the offers that I complete are worth more money than others. Some of my favorite offers that I have completed are:

Gym America - America's Online Personal Trainer. Get your individually customized workout routine and diet plan today! Try it FREE for ten days. Sign up.

I received $6.75 for this offer and got to view my customized workout free for 10 days. I cancelled the free trial after 7 days. So I gained $6.75 for about 10 minutes of time and I received a free customized workout routine.

Free Online Credit Report - Sign up for the trial.

I was paid $10 for checking out my credit report. Just remember to cancel before the trial runs out. This was $10 for about 5 minutes that it took to signup.

Google SEO Supervisor - Sign up for the free trial.

Can you believe that I received $13 for ordering a CD on how to make money using google? Well, it's true. I only paid $3 to pay for shipping and handling. So I came out on top with a CD telling me how to make money online as well as an additional extra $10.

Luster White - Order the $4.95 trial!

I was paid $13 so I made a profit of about $8 plus I received a free trial of Luster White which sells for about $50.

Netflix - Free Trial - Sign up.

This is my favorite of all time. I was paid $14 for trying the free trial of Netflix which I used to watch 4 movies. So in reality I was paid $14 for watching whatever movie I wanted.

Money over Christmas Break

This is a post I made on the Squishycash.com forum over Christmas break. Just thought I would share it with you because it shows just how great SquishyCash is and how much money you can make in such a small amount of time. Here it is...

" SquishyCash = Perfect for this college student
« Thread Started on Dec 16, 2007, 1:59pm »

I absolutely love squishycash and all of the free money they give out. I came home from school last Tuesday December 11th after having been a member of squishycash since the end of June. Over the summer I had completed most of the free offers and was pleasantly reminded that squishycash gets a ton of new offers quite frequently when I signed in after returning home.

I then checked the promotions and saw that I could receive an extra chip for every chip that I earned as well as receive a free $3 for every 12 offers I completed on Tuesday December 11th. I also saw that there was a 7 day Christmas Cash Dash going on and ending Saturday with first place being $50. My brain instantly started calculating the possibilities of such promotions overlapping in such a manner and I realized the potential to make a lot of free money was immense.

Using my college business skills I calculated that each chip was worth $.05 meaning that for every 12 freebie offers I completed for Tuesday and Wednesday I was actually receiving a free $3.60. $.60 worth of chips (double your chips promotion) and $3.00 (the $3.00 for every 12 offers completed). Divided over those same 12 offers that comes out to an extra $.30 per offer completed.

The money I earned from completing the offers would also be counted toward the Christmas Cash Dash ending on Saturday. So I went to work earning an extra $39 from completing 156 offers between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with the $3 for every 12 completed offers promotion. An extra 100 chips or $5 worth between Tuesday and Wednesday in the double your chips promotion. Also the money I received from the offers I completed counted toward the Christmas Cash Dash promotion. Concentrating my offers into only a few days helped me win the Christmas Cash Dash $50 first place, get an additional $39 from the $3 for every 12 offers completed contest and an extra $5 worth of extra chips from the double your chips promotion. That is $94 free and I did only a few hours of offers on Friday and Saturday. I completed offers totaling $132.55 in 5 days earning 300 chips (100 free). All in all in I earned a total of $236.55 with Squishy Cash in 5 days, essentially 3 days because only a few dollars worth of offers were made on Friday and Saturday.

There are always good offers and promotions going on at SquishyCash and if you concentrate your efforts on certain days the possibilities of earning an extra $100 free is very real. Another 24 offers in 3 days during the extra $3 for every 12 offers completed promotion and I would have met that mark. Oh and I checked the promotion calendar and there are 5!!! of these "super days" left in December, so rip it up and make some free cash.

Squishy Cash, you are the best.

Oh and did I mention that the $50 from the Christmas Cash Dash promotion was credited to my PayPal account 2 minutes after the contest ended. That is what I like to call service."

So if you aren't joining that is fine with me because I will just win more contests and get more money. It isn't worth not joining.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Review #2 SquishyCash

SquishyCash is far and away my favorite GPT (Get Paid To) site. The earning potential with SquishyCash is very high for a survey or GPT site.

Ways of making money: SquishyCash offers a variety of ways to make money. The main way of making money is by completing offers. Offers are completed by providing an email address, zip code, answering a few short questions or signing up at websites. These offers take between 30 seconds and a few minutes to complete and usually pay $.50-$1.00 which is more than many other GPT sites. There are hundreds of dollars worth of offers available. Product trials are also available as well as surveys. The product trials often require a small fee, however SquishyCash will pay you more than the amount you pay to receive the trial. You also get to keep the product making this a very good deal. SquishyCash will also pay you for purchasing items from specific sites. For example SquishyCash will pay you $10 when you purchase over $20 of merchandise from PetCareRx through the SquishyCash link. Another method of making money on SqushyCash is to take advantage of the many contests and promotions available. I have made over $50 by participating in a few of the many contests offered by SquishyCash. Offers will also pay in poker chips in this poker themed GPT site. Chips may be redeemed for prizes such as gift cards and movies. The owner of SquishyCash is also very helpful and friendly. Below is a payment I received through Paypal.

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Money I have made through SquishyCash: I have made over $300 using SquishyCash. All of it in approximately two months. Over $50 of that is from winning contests and promotions.

Review #1 Survey Spot

Survey Spot is one of my favorite survey sites. They are strictly a survey site and far and away my favorite survey site. I joined this survey site on June 3, 2007.

Ways of making money: Surveys only. Each survey is usually between 15-25 minutes in length and the reward is usually $3 but some surveys are worth more. I usually receive 3-4 survey invitations in my email a week of which 2-3 are paying surveys and the other one is for a sweepstakes entry. You are not required to take any of the surveys so I only take those that offer $$$ compensation. Most of the surveys I have received thus far have paid $3 with one paying $5. Each email invitation tells the approximate time it will take to complete the survey and the compensation (ie $3, or a sweepstakes entry). Knowing the time and the reward are great for determining whether the survey is worth you time. After completing a survey, survey spot will congratulate you and confirm that you will be given your reward. It takes approximately 4 weeks after the completion of the survey before the money is added to your Survey Spot account. I assure you all the money does get to your account. The minimum payout is $5 meaning that you must have $5 before you can request your check. Survey spot only pays by check which will arrive within 2 weeks of making the payment request. Another tip is to check the website for surveys as you may qualify for a survey that you were not initially invited to.

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Money I have made through Survey Spot: I have received checks for $18, $24, and $17 for a total of $59. Checks will arrive within 1-2 weeks of being requested.

Join Survey Spot Today